Case Caption: John A. Hypolite, (Appellant/Defendant) vs. People of the Virgin Islands, (Appellee/Plaintiff)Case Number: S.CT.Crim.No. 2007-135Date: 01/21/2009Author: Per CuriamCitation: Summary:

Nancy D'Anna, Esq., (hereafter "D'Anna") seeks to withdraw as court-appointed counsel to Appellant John Hypolite (hereafter "Appellant") in this matter on the ground that Appellant's sole apparent argument for reversing his convictions-that his Sixth Amendment right to effective counsel was purportedly violated-is wholly frivolous because the Superior Court applied the correct legal standard when it rejected Appellant's ineffective assistance of counsel claim. For the following reasons, we dismiss this appeal for lack of jurisdiction without considering the merits of Attorney D'Anna's motion.

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