The Office of Bar Admission of the Supreme Court is an administrative arm of the Supreme Court with inherent judicial functions overseeing the examination and admission process relative to the practice of law in the Virgin Islands. The office provides full support to the Committee of Bar Examiners in accordance with the Rules of the Supreme Court. These duties include coordinating the character and fitness investigation and the interviewing process of applicants seeking admissions to the Virgin Islands Bar. 

Additionally, the Office of Bar Admission administers the rules the governs the provisional and special admissions of attorneys who are admitted to practice law in another state, territorial jurisdiction of to the district of Columbia and have sought and obtain employment to practice law in the Virgin Islands on behalf of a federal or territorial government department agency, or a specific public interest organization. 

The Office of Bar Admission also administers the Court Rules that governs limited permission to practice as in-house counsel; foreign legal consultants; legal Intern; and Special Admission for Military Spouses. 

Services to existing members of the Virgin Islands Bar:  

Certificates of Good Standing: On behalf of the Clerk of the Court, the Office of Bar Admission performs the ministerial duties of ¬reviewing and processing all attorneys' request for a Certificates of Good Standing indicating compliance with membership requirements.

Status Changes: The Office of Bar Admission processes for the Court's review and determination all requests from regularly admitted members of the Virgin Islands Bar Association to change their membership status from active to inactive, or attorneys' request seeking permission to resign their membership.

Attorney Registration: On behalf of the Office of Disciplinary Counsel, the Office of Bar Admission performs the ministerial duties of reviewing and processing all attorney registrations filed in accordance with VISCR 203, which established mandatory annual attorney registration.  Please click here for more information about Attorney Registration.