Case Caption: In re Application of Yvette De LunaCase Number: S. Ct. BA. No. 2014-0005Date: 03/06/2014Author: Per CuriamCitation: Summary:

In a contested application for admission to practice law in a pending litigation in the Virgin Islands pro hac vice, a prior order granting the application is revoked, the application for such admission is denied, and the matter is referred to the appropriate authorities. The attorney admits sending an email in the underlying lawsuit, which has been provided to this Court, and which identifies her as an attorney for a party in a pending litigation, when - in fact - at that date this Court had not even granted the motion to admit her pro hac vice contingent upon execution of the oath. Holding oneself out as a licensed Virgin Islands attorney, such as through communications with other parties, constitutes the unauthorized practice of law in the Virgin Islands. Since the underlying conduct may potentially warrant action beyond the denial of pro hac vice admission, this matter is referred to the Virgin Islands Attorney General, the Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee, and the Office of Disciplinary Counsel for the purpose of taking any additional action which they may deem appropriate. The February 6, 2014 Order admitting the attorney pro hac vice contingent upon execution of the oath is revoked, and the petition for her admission is denied.

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