Case Caption: In re Michael Motylinski, Esq.Case Number: S. Ct. BA. No. 2012-0106Date: 03/14/2013Author: Per CuriamCitation: Summary:

In a disciplinary inquiry relating to the suspension of an attorney by the Supreme Court of Ohio for violating Rules 1.4(a)(4), 1.4(b), and 5.5(a) of the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct, stemming from misconduct between August 2009 and February 2010, while the attorney was a specially admitted attorney in the Virgin Islands, the matter is referred to the Ethics and Grievance Committee to issue recommendations as to (1) whether this Court should impose identical reciprocal discipline on the attorney for the ethical misconduct found by the Ohio Supreme Court, and (2) whether two attorneys should be disciplined for the purported misconduct that Disciplinary Counsel alleges they have committed. While the Committee shall follow the procedure set forth in Rule 207 as closely as is practical, since these issues arise in proceedings under Supreme Court Rules 201(a) and 203(c)-matters in which the Committee typically has no involvement-the Committee's recommendations shall be non-binding, and this Court shall make the ultimate decision with regard to (1) whether the motion for pro hac vice admission should be granted or denied, and (2) what sanctions, if any, should be imposed. This matter shall be held in abeyance and final decision deferred pending the issuance of recommendations by the Ethics and Grievance Committee, which shall be filed no later than two (2) days after issuance of this Order.

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