Case Caption: Inez Mathias Hodge, et al. (Appellants/Defendants) vs. Gloria McGowan, et al (Appellees/Plaintiffs)Case Number: S.Ct.Civ.No.: 2008-057Date: 11/10/2008Author: Per CuriamCitation: Summary:

Cynthia Miller (hereafter "Miller) appeals the March 12, 2007 Superior Courtorder that: dismissed the claims of Inez Mathias Hodge (hereafter "Hodge") against Gloria McGowan, Paul Hoffman and Jane Hoffman Walker (collectively referred to as "Appellees") for failure to prosecute; dismissed with prejudice Miller's claims against Appellees; dismissed with prejudice Appellees' claims against Miller; and dismissed as moot Appellees' claims against Hodge.2 For the reasons which follow, we will affirm the Superior Court's holdings.

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