Case Caption: SBRMCOA, LLC et al v. Beach Associates, LLCCase Number: SCT-CIV-2020-0004Date: 02/08/2024Author: Cabret, Maria M. Citation: 2024 VI 10Summary: Considering the Superior Court’s rulings confirming an arbitration award concerning wastewater services provided by the appellee, the appellants waived the right to challenge the correctness of the August 22, 2016 arbitration award because they failed to seek vacatur or modification of the award within the three-month limitations period set by section 12 of the Federal Arbitration Act, 9 U.S.C. § 12. And even if a court can review an arbitration award under the Federal Arbitration Act for manifest disregard of the law as appellants contend, on June 8, 2015 the Superior Court correctly confirmed the earlier June 19, 2013, and October 13, 2013 awards upon which the August 22, 2016 arbitration award was based since it is not clear, but rather reasonably debatable, whether the common law doctrines of unclean hands and officious intermeddler are recognized in the Virgin Islands. Accordingly, the June 8, 2015 and December 23, 2019 judgments of the Superior Court are affirmed.Attachment: Open Document or Opinion