Case Caption: Atlantic Human Resource Advisors, LLC, et al. v. Espersen Case Number: SCT-CIV-2019-0065Date: 05/27/2022Author: Hodge, Rhys S. Citation: 2022 VI 11Summary: Plaintiff, a former employee, introduced evidence sufficient to sustain her causes of action for wrongful discharge against her former employer and two entities providing human resources management services to that employer, and sufficient to support awards of both compensatory and punitive damages against all of the defendants. However, plaintiff did not introduce sufficient evidence to sustain a defamation claim she had pled against the former employer. Further, the amount of punitive damages awarded against one of the human resources management defendants is unconstitutionally excessive in light of that defendant’s conduct in relation to that of the other defendants. The portion of the March 12, 2019 judgment holding the former employer liable for defamation is reversed, and the punitive damages award against one of the defendants is reduced from $750,000 to $360,000. The judgment of the Superior Court is affirmed in all other respects.Attachment: Open Document or Opinion