Case Caption: Mary Boehm, The Estate of Richard J. Boehm, Richard M. Boehm and Club Comanche, Inc., (Appellants/Defendants), vs. Florence McDonnell, (Appelle/Plaintiff).Case Number: S. Ct. App. No. 2007/030Date: 03/15/2007Author: Per CuriamCitation: Summary:

This matter is before the Court on Appellant/ Defendant Mary Boehm and Appellant/ Defendant Club Comanche, Inc.'s (collectively "Appellants") Emergency Motion for an Interlocutory Appeal to the Supreme Court and Motion for Stay. The Appellee/ Plaintiff, Florence McDonnell and Appellant/ Defendant Estate of Richard M. Boehm, have filed responses opposing the motions for interlocutory appeal and for stay. For the reasons stated below, the relief requested by Appellants Mary Boehm and Club Comanche, Inc, will be denied.

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