Case Caption: Emmanuel Etienne, Emmentina Etienne and First Pentecostal Church, Inc. v. John Alexander, as personal representative of the Estate of Veronica Alexander; and members of the First Pentecostal ChurchCase Number: S. Ct. Civ. No. 2018-0004Date: 07/21/2020Author: Cabret, Maria M. Citation: 2020 VI 12Summary: In two related actions arising from arrangements to purchase windows of a church, consolidated for purposes of this appeal, the Superior Court was divested of its jurisdiction over the one of the actions in 2008, docket number SX-07-CV-197, which was dismissed based upon a settlement, and there was no independent basis for the Superior Court’s continued jurisdiction in that dismissed matter. Therefore the court’s subsequent orders entered in that matter, including a December 28, 2017 in that case order mandating compliance with the settlement agreement, are void. Consequently, the Court erred in dismissing the second action, docket number SX-17-CV-241, as effectively moot based upon its finding that all issues had been resolved by the void order mandating compliance in the earlier proceeding. Accordingly, the Superior Court’s December 28, 2017 order dismissing the action docketed as SX-17-CV-241 is reversed, and that action is remanded for further proceedings.Attachment: Open Document or Opinion