Case Caption: Emanuel Greer v. People of the Virgin IslandsCase Number: SCT-CRIM-2018-0025Date: 04/20/2021Author: Swan, Ive Arlington Citation: 2021 VI 7Summary: The defendant’s conviction for mayhem under 14 V.I.C. § 1341(a)(1) is affirmed. Because there was both documentary and testimonial evidence from multiple witnesses that the victim’s ear was missing a significant portion of the helix, which would not regenerate with time, and that such a disfigurement was objectionable to the average person, the evidence was sufficient to establish that the victim was permanently and seriously disfigured, thus establishing the fourth element of the crime of mayhem. Therefore, the trial court did not err in finding sufficient evidence of permanent, serious disfigurement and denying the defendant’s motion for judgment of acquittal. The judgment is affirmed.Attachment: Open Document or Opinion