Case Caption: Freeston Drayton v. Nadia DraytonCase Number: S. Ct. Civ. No. 2015-0068Date: 08/30/2016Author: Swan, Ive Arlington Citation: Summary:

In equitable distribution proceedings after the entry of a final decree of divorce between the parties, the Superior Court properly exercised its discretion in the equitable distribution of the marital homestead, and did not commit error in its findings regarding the husband's allegedly missing property and the sale of a home in Antigua. However, the court's amended findings of fact and conclusions of law erred in finding that a specified automobile purchased by the husband was a gift to the wife, and also erred by failing equitably to distribute the marital debt. Accordingly, this case is remanded to the Superior Court for further proceedings in compliance with this opinion, including equitable distribution of the contested vehicle and the parties' marital debt, consistent with the evidence presented. The Superior Court's September 1, 2015 amended findings of fact and conclusions of law are affirmed in all other respects.

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